Do you wonder what you could eat to have more energy, slim down and feel at your best? 

Are you curious to know which foods make up your optimal diet? 

Do you wish it was easy to achieve your ideal weight? 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

Would you like to get some answers right now? 


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Your Personalized S.I.V. Program: 

 The Benefits: 


  ü Be your own health master, learn to keep balance & vitality

ü Integrate new high quality foods, new cooking styles to your diet

ü Deconstruct destructive food cravings and binges.

ü Achieve your ideal weight without restricting yourself or dieting

ü Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit

ü Boost your metabolism and increase energy

ü Enhance performance, increase focus and motivation

ü Revitalize your career, self-image & personal relationships

  üRestore digestive issues and hormonal imbalances 

The goals of your personalized S.I.V health counseling program are to radically improve your life, resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results. 

Your S.I.V. Program covers: 

  • Setting goals
  • Finding your passion
  • Creating balance and harmony in life  
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Taking consistent action
  • Food counseling
  • Making simple lifestyle changes
  • Being healthy on the road and on the go
  • Improving personal relationships & communication
  • Integrating new, better food into your diet
  • Getting support from others
  • Ease in cooking
  • Dealing with the main concerns of your life  


Like most of us, you have probably tried a variety of diets, and may even have managed to do well on some for a few weeks or even months. However, the emphasis that most diets place on willpower, deprivation and denial is both unnecessary and counterproductive. Unless you have a plan that is practical, works with your lifestyle, and takes your individuality into account, the changes you have worked so hard to make will not last. My expertise is in helping you to figure out what works best for you. The food you eat makes the difference and affects all areas of your life.   

Your S.I.V. Program includes: 

  • Two, 50 min sessions a month, including detailed recommendations
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Time to share your successes and frustrations and get you going  
  • Supplements, CDs, handouts, and other materials
  • Food samples and self-care products
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Access to my amazing lending library of health and wellness books

Conventional dietary theories present you with food restrictions and limitations that are difficult to sustain over time. Such quick fixes do nothing to help you achieve life-long health and happiness, nor do they bring out the body's natural inclination toward balance. Based on your needs, I will gradually introduce new and healthful foods and activities into your lifestyle. As you start to feel better, these habits will have a natural tendency to remain with you, and will crowd out the less healthful ones. 

In becoming healthier, other areas of your life such as relationships, career and creativity start to improve. You will naturally begin to crave the foods and activities that make you feel better, and you will feel more motivated to make time in your life for those things that are truly important to you. 

In our first initial consultation we will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how I can help you reach your personal goals. We will determine whether we are a good match and if this approach will work for you. This first session will demonstrate how a holistic, individualized approach can make a major difference in your life. 

Contact me today to schedule your private health consultation.


 life is beautiful! 


"Whether you are a professional athlete, a salesman or anything else you need to have focus and energy to get your job done as well as possible. You also need balance in life to enjoy yourself and the people around you. 
 In my case Siv' s program opened up my eyes to healthier and nutrition richer food. Changing my diet did not only help me lose weight it also helped me know my body better. I learned how to listen to my body. I was also introduced to other views and teachings in life which i found very interesting.  
My life is now in good balance and that is why I recommend this program for everyone." 

- Sean Bergenheim, New York Islanders NHL 

“If someone can change your life it is You, however a truly passionate, radiant, person is the best source of inspiration for it. Siv is the pefect person for this, since she walks her talk and that shows!”

 - Nita Arpiainen, TV4, Finland

"Siv, your huge enthusiasm and precious knowledge for healthy diet really inspired me to take a closer look at my diet. Never felt so energized and balanced, long gone my cravings for sugar and snacks... this education helps me on a daily basis to make the healthiest decisions no matter where I eat, and not only that I am eating healthier food, my wife and two precious kids do too! I can't thank you enough for being so amazing and a great mentor. I am so happy to have you in my life!!!!”

 - Nissim Dery, CEO of Star Paper Printing & Design LLC, New York


“What I liked about Siv’s program is that it’s not a diet only about losing weight, but a life style about feeling good all over and having a better life quality in general. It is done without restrictions, with a natural easy style, where you feel great, and as a bonus, you happen to lose weight, naturally! My goal during the program was to lose weight and feel better. I lost 10 kg and feel amazing!!! I know the weight is not coming back since this is no diet I am on, it s a life style that I love, enjoy and have now adapted for life! I think everybody should do this!” 

- Heidi Darraz, Casablanca

"The S.I.V. program not only has transformed how I eat and take care of myself, it has even changed my way of thinking and attitude on life in general! I now understand that my body has all along known what is best for it and what I should have done, but I just haven t listened to it. The program gave me the tools to understand, hear and listen to my body. Not only have I started a whole new chapter in my life, I am a whole new book!"

- Joni F. , athlete, Helsinki.

"Through the S.I.V. Private program the awareness over my whole body and life style has increased. It is wonderful that I now can predict how different foods make me feel and can choose the ones that increase my health and vitality. I have found many new tastes, tried many new interesting foods and noticed that when you make conciously healthier choices your taste experience is better and you also feel much better! I have felt very comfortable talking about everything with Siv, and have been able to ask all the possible questions, and she has always been able to answer them all. The support through out this journey has been extremely valuable to me. I was in the right place at the right time when I found the Success Is Vitality course! I have been open and have received so many new wonderful things to my life! I now also have more energy, am less stressed, my skin and hair is in great shape, I have lost weight and am feeling lighter and more confident in my body. I have no more sweet cravings and now truly live a healthy balanced lifestyle! 
Thank you Siv!" 

- Reeta.Y, Finland. 

"After doing the Success Is Vitality program, I now feel more empowered in my life and believe more firmly in the beauty of the world. I had read and heard that everything is connected and that we should trust it, but I never internalized it until Siv instilled a greater faith in me. My severe stabbing stomach pains and bloating are gone.  My acne is gone.  My need for chocolate daily and caffeine are gone. I have lost weight because  
I' m eating better and now understand that I am often thirsty - not hungry! I speak and think more positively and with more empowerment.I now cook 90% of my meals and I started my own company!!! I feel like life is more wonderful and exciting because I am doing what I LOVE and was meant to do. Siv doesn't make excuses or rationalizations for doing something that isn't good for you. She has extremely good energy! I needed the support, guidance and encouragement to believe in all this and DO it.  I couldn't have done it without her!"

- Lindsay Havlick, founder of Sustainable Harmony, Chicago, US.


"Before the Success Is Vitality program I struggled with major self doubt, procrastination, low energy, extra weight, digestive issues and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. Since starting the S.I.V. program I feel so confident, positive, empowered, and healthy and I am full of energy! My skin complexion has dramatically improved, I have lost 40 pounds and have integrated a totally healthy lifestyle that I love! I have no more sweet cravings and am just very happy about myself. People see my transformation and keep asking me to help them be healthier too! I highly recommend doing Siv's program if you are looking for Success and Vitality! Siv delivers what she stands for. I'm so thankful for this amazing program!"  

 -Kim Ayres, Chicago, US.  

"What Siv does that is so amazing is to gently remind you that you already intuitively know how to take care of yourself.  She helps you re-learn how to listen to the signals your body sends you, and in the process you begin to instinctually gravitate towards foods that naturally energize and keep you balanced.  It’s a gradual shift that never, ever feels like a “diet.”  All the while Siv is there teaching, guiding, encouraging and supporting…. without ever judging or making you feel like you are doing something “wrong.”  She really listens and tailors the plan to the individual, and because of this you simply can’t help but succeed in reaching your goals, whatever they may be. Highest recommendation!"


-Christine M.; Director of Product Marketing, Chicago, US.

"My journey with Siv has been a life changing experience.  

I used to feel hopeless about losing weight, feeling energetic and excited. One day I happened to see Siv on TV talking about nutrition, I contacted her the same day, one of my luckiest days in so many ways! 


Since that very first session, I've lost all the weight I wanted to. I have so much energy, I wake up excited and feel so good about myself. 


Cooking has become such a passion. My addictions to sugar and caffeine have totally healed. I have a positive attitude and I treasure my relationships. 


Being happy and healthy is simple for me these days. Even if life throws challenges, I have better skills to fight back.


Last but not least, Siv as a human being has given me so much. I feel so grateful to have her in my life. I can say without hesitation that the best part of this experience is that I can call Siv my friend. She is a light of life.Thank you Siv!"  




-Tiia Hovi, Helsinki, Finland.





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